Private Label

Private LableThe parent company of Syston Cable Technology has been a prime private label wire and cable manufacturing company around the globe. Our custom product capabilities provide high quality products while maintaining competitive costs due to our cost effective manufacturing processes and techniques. Syston Cable Technology offers private label manufacturing services because we understand the importance of product quality, competent engineering, company integrity and dedicated customer service. Syston Cable Technology offer products branded for other manufacturers, distributors, assembly operations and OEM companies.

Product Overview

Our products are designed with the customer in mind. Whether we have fully integrated manufacturing, or just simply providing the extra capacity to offer an overflow of production. Syston Cable Technology works with our customers to deliver top quality products, exact specifications and competitive costs. We have extensive availability of cable products for Network Cables, CATV, CCTV, Audio, Security, HVAC, Fire Alarm, Irrigation, Lighting and Access Control.

At Syston Cable Technology our products are manufactured and distributed to customers on an international scope. In order to maintain a presence not only nationally, but internationally, both customers and suppliers must be able to source products. Most of the time there are unforeseen difficulties such as cultural differences, unfamiliar regulatory systems and transportation logistics issues can make doing business internationally very difficult. That’s why partnering with Syston Cable Technology can help eliminate all of those barriers and improve your company’s international reach.

Benefits of Working with Syston Cable Technology

  • We maintain distributor, manufacturing and factory pricing without having to do business internationally
  • Syston Cable Technology maintains a business office in the US and has marketing staff to assist with cable design production and logistics issues
  • We offer rapid turnaround on engineering and prototyping services
  • Fast sample production is available and cable samples are provided with test results
  • Quick production turnaround with integrated operations of 5 different manufacturing facilities throughout China
  • Diligent Quality Control processes for cable and environmentally friendly and safe work conditions
  • For more information about our private label process, please feel free to contact us
    at or at Toll:844-606-8787

Become a Distributor

Become A Distributor

Syston Cable Technology believes in identifying, building and nurturing long term distributor partnerships. We seek well run, established and properly resourced distributor partners that want to grow their business as much as we want to grow ours. Our partnerships begins with our portfolio of high performance cable products with the most competitive price and our well known brands, and continue with an array of support materials and programs to insure our distributor partners are successful in their respective marketplaces.

If you or your company is up for the challenge, and the rewards that come with being a distributor partner, please take a few minutes to complete the application form below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom. Upon review, we will call you to complete the application process. All applications are reviewed within 48 hours.

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