At Syston Cable Technology we are committed to maintaining values that shape the way we do business. Our top priority is upholding our responsibilities to our customers, vendors, Syston Cable Technology associates and to the communities we serve around the globe.

Syston Cable Technology is committed to the highest standards of ethics and integrity to all that we cater to within our company. As a prospective associate at Syston Cable Technology we expect you to uphold these values as you own and maintain professionalism throughout all aspects of our business.

The values in which we uphold stem from our four core values that are rooted from our company’s culture all the way to our everyday business practices. If your core values match ours and you are looking for a place to grow professionally, please take look at our available opportunities at Syston Cable Technology.

Maintaining Customer Relations

  • Our customers are what matters the most
  • We take customer service seriously and understand how to best assist their needs
  • We always strive be a top competitor within the supplier and manufacturer market

Our Associates

  • We look to acquire knowledgeable, committed and well versed professionals to join our team
  • We are committed to diversity, equal opportunity and fair treatment
  • There is potential for growth within the company
  • Everyone involved is an asset, whether it be working as a team or individually everyone has skills that they bring to the Syston Cable Technology family

To be the best

  • We want to outperform and make every stride to beat competition within our market
  • Everyone is accountable to our success and for our failures
  • We will not stop until we have reached the pinnacle of our market and even then we will strive to improve
  • Challenges and setbacks are just stepping stones to becoming one of largest cable companies in the U.S

Current practice and Future

  • Our goal is to continually develop and maintain a sustainable processes that ensures effectiveness and deliverables in a timely manner
  • We strive to improve safety, quality, delivery and cost at all times
  • We will eliminate waste from all processes, and continue to be green

Career Path

  • Inside Sales
  • Outside Sales

Quality Assurance

Product development, manufacturing and quality control is our passion.

Private Label

Custom branded wires and cables specific to your company's look and feel.
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Become A Distributor

Syston Cable Technology believes in identifying, building and nurturing long term distributor partnerships. We seek well run, established and properly resourced distributor partners that want to grow their business as much as we want to grow ours. Our partnerships begins with our portfolio of high performance cable products with the most competitive price and our well known brands, and continue with an array of support materials and programs to insure our distributor partners are successful in their respective marketplaces.

If you or your company is up for the challenge, and the rewards that come with being a distributor partner, please take a few minutes to complete the application form below and click the SUBMIT button at the bottom. Upon review, we will call you to complete the application process. All applications are reviewed within 48 hours.